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Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops, dairy free probiotics
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Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops, dairy free probiotics

What happens if baby doesn’t get good flora?
Beneficial gut flora promotes healthy gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infections, aids nutrient absorption and helps to train and develop little immune systems. Poor gut flora in infants, whether it be from unbalanced maternal gut flora, caesarean birth, formula feeding or other factors has consistently been linked to higher risk of gut disturbance and discomfort, immune issues and a higher risk for wheezy lungs and itchy skin.

In reality, there will always be caesarean births and mothers that cannot or do not wish to breastfeed. There will also always be mums that have poor diets, are stressed or have taken antibiotics. For this reason there will always be babies that have disordered gut flora and the potential for gastrointestinal and immune dysfunction.

That’s why Radiance®, in conjunction with Chr. Hansen®, the world leaders in probiotics, developed Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops to help support the growth and development of beneficial gut flora populations, even through adversity!

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops provide Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12®, a well-documented, stable and effective, dairy-free probiotic with proven safety, manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops with BB-12® are clinically shown to support: 
• healthy gut flora populations in infants who are born by caesarean 
• healthy stool consistency and frequency 
• healthy resistance to tummy bugs 
• babies with tummy troubles and irritability 
• healthy immune development and function 
• healthy resistance to ills and chills
• a balanced immune response
• a favourable environment for the absorption of nutrients

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops provides the clinically researched, infant dose of BB-12® in an easy to use, fridge free, oil drop format. Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops do not contain any superfluous ingredients such as silicon dioxide, sweeteners or flavours and uses only vitamin E and citric acid as preservatives.

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