Chakra Healing

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Research suggests that disease is caused by energy imbalances or blockages
Dr. Candace Pert (1946-2013) discovered that emotions are the mind’s interpretation of our body’s vibrations – vibrations caused by neurotransmitters in our cells. She also found that these neurotransmitters or ‘emotion molecules’ existed in clusters that corresponded exactly to the 7 Chakra centers. Her further research also suggests that disease is caused by energy imbalances or blockages which impede the movement of these emotion molecules.

How Pert herself put it: “My research has shown me that when emotions are expressed – which is to say that the biochemicals that are the substrate of emotion are flowing freely – all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of the vital feel-good, unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior.”
High frequency vibrations are associated with good health and pure essential oils have the highest frequency found in the natural world

Absolute Essential offers specialized Chakra blends. Their pure essential oils bring many levels of healing and enhancement to the body – however you use them. Their purity of essence is purity of frequency, and essential oils have the highest natural frequency known to man. But that is of course exactly why essential oils are such a perfect complement to Chakra therapy.


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