DQ & Co.

We have learned some valuable lessons about love, life and business on our journey. We have been humbled by the guidance and inspiration we have been given from so many incredible people along the way. Our end game now is about inspiring and motivating others.

DQ&Co is a Happiness Project. We believe that if everyday, in our small way, we can positively touch the hearts of a few souls, then that is a day well lived. This is what gets us up each morning. It is not all about the money.

We do what we love to do because life really is short. We don’t want to waste a moment of it so we do it now. At DQ&Co staying true to our passion is key. We dream it, try it, believe it and never give up.

We strive to stimulate and grow minds. We value the potential of every individual. We can all create our own destiny. Where there is a will there is a way. We continually celebrate this gift called life and give back to it as much as we can. We aim to make each day a happiness project. We laugh often and say thank you more.
Special Offer Love (order 2 and receive a 15ml tube FREE) Skin Balm, 30g
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Love (order 2 and receive a 15ml tube FREE) Skin Balm, 30g

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