Mountain Red

Mountain Red is a totally New Zealand owned and operated company established in 2002. The philosophy behind Mountain Red is to provide customers with 100% natural, additive and preservative free premium quality products from New Zealand sources, manufactured to cGMP standards and sustainably managed and harvested.

Mountain Red farms in the beautiful rugged mountains and rolling hillsides of the South Island of New Zealand and harvests the unique Greenlipped Mussel Extract from the waters that surround New Zealand's beautiful coastline.  The grape skins and grape seeds used in the production of our Grapeseed Extract Ultra are sourced from the beautiful Marlborough winegrowing region in the top of the South Island. Mountain Red was established to become a leading producer of 100% natural products, sustainably sourced from New Zealand for the use in the enhancement of daily health and well being, to support good joint care and mobility, to strengthen the body's natural immune system and to improve the body's strength, stamina and athletic performance. Mountain Red maintains strict adherence to quality standards and environmental sustainability.

Mountain Red Limited is involved from product growth, through processing, packaging, and on to the marketing of its products to ensure total control and quality assurance during every step of the production process. Mountain Red Limited has an established, successful, reliable and sustainable source of product, maintains a commitment to customer satisfaction, and provides accessibility and traceability to the origin of all of its products.

Mountain Red sustainably sources all of its products from New Zealand. Mountain Red Story Karen Morley's fascination with the way Deer are able to regenerate bone year upon year has led to a successful New Zealand natural products company. Confident that Deer Velvet could help her father with his mobility, Karen began reading, researching and talking with worldwide experts. With a number of deer velvet products already on the market, she aimed to produce a premium quality product, whilst ensuring strict adherence to animal welfare. “I spent two years researching this product and constantly set the bar high to achieve the very best quality standards I could.”

“I don't want to forget that this was about trying to make someone better,” Karen says. “When I look at my dad now, and see how his health is today, I wholeheartedly believe this is what I was meant to do.”
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