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Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R, 60 Capsules
NZ $69.95

Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R, 60 Capsules

Product Description
Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R is a naturally occurring plant substance, sourced from Marlborough’s sauvignon blanc grapes and unfermented pinot noir grapes that contains a rich concentrated source of antioxidant nutrients. Our product is uniquely blended from New Zealand grape seeds and skins for superior health benefits using a 100% natural water extraction process. Most of the antioxidants in grapes are found in the seeds and in a concentrated form in the grape skin. Harvested from sustainably managed sources, Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R is formulated from the extracts of these two iconic New Zealand grape varieties:
  • Grape Seed Extract from the seeds of Marlborough’s Sauvignon blanc grapes
  • Red Grape Skin Extract from the skins of unfermented Pinot noir grapes.

These fruits have adapted to the high levels of light and UV radiation that penetrate through New Zealand’s clean, clear skies by producing high levels of natural bioactives in their skin and seeds. The seeds of Marlborough’s sauvignon blanc grapes have a much higher level of antioxidants than seeds from other grape varieties from around the world. In addition the use of unfermented pinot noir skins ensures that all the bioactives are retained in the skin and are not lost during processing.
Naturally Extracted
Unlike other manufacturers, Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R is produced using only water. There are no harsh chemicals or solvents used at any stage of the production process. Starting with the best grapes in the world, Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R is extracted using this 100% natural extraction process that uses only water to extract the bioactives from the fruit. Freeze drying of the final product ensures the activity of the extract is maintained and not destroyed.

Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R is 100 % natural and not like other extracts that have had a solvent extraction and/or a chemically concentrated spray dry. This is critical as it allows for the health-giving properties from the grape skin and seeds to maintain their bioactivity and bioavailability (cell uptake). Essentially they remain in the same form in the finished product as they do in nature. It also ensures that the finished supplement is free from any potentially harmful residues – put simply, the water extraction process guarantees purity and safety.
Sustainable and Traceable
Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R is produced from fruit that is grown in sustainably managed vineyards, and is fully traceable back to each of these vineyards.  The grapes are grown under a Sustainable Viticulture Program that guarantees no spray residue is present on the grapes at harvest. Purity is assured from independent tests that show that Mountain Red Grape Extract + R is free from pesticides and heavy metals, and no GMOs are used at any stage of the process. MORE than just a Resveratrol Supplement…

The team at Mountain Red have taken two years researching supplements containing Resveratrol and wanted to bring to the world an antioxidant blend containing not just Resveratrol but a more complete spectrum of antioxidant compounds from grape than is currently available. In addition they wanted to continue the key philosophies of using only New Zealand derived product, fully traceable and sustainably managed, and with product manufactured to the highest standards available. The result of this work is Mountain Red Grape Extract Ultra + R .

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