Over 30 years ago, an army doctor serving in India noticed that his patients’ dental health was very good, despite their bad diet. He discovered that many used a ‘chewing stick’ to clean their teeth and gums. These small portions of twig came from the shrub Salvadora persica - known as the toothbrush tree - widespread throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. At the time there were already scientific papers on Salvadora persica’s powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties, and more have been published since. On his return to the UK, the doctor decided to develop a toothpaste with the extract - and Sarakan was born!

Thanks to this powerful natural extract, Sarakan helps keep teeth and gums healthy without fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, sweeteners, artificial colours or animal-derived ingredients. Sarakan dental care is suitable for vegans, and children too.


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