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Their Story
​Their story began when The True Honey Co. founder Jim McMillan spotted hills blanketed with Manuka flowers while exploring New Zealand’s breathtaking, remote back country. It gave him an idea – to harvest, bottle and sell Manuka honey that’s deliciously good, looking after everybody (and every bee) at every step. Jim and his team searched for the best areas of Manuka bush, building solid partnerships with the people who own the land. This took lots of time spent working together, before a drop of honey could be made.
Why it's so good?

More Mgo Mojo
The MGO (methylglyoxal) rating is a bit like measuring Manuka honey’s horsepower. You know you’re getting the good stuff with The True Honey Co. because they only sell rated honey from MGO 300+.

Untamed Flavours
This raw natural bounty comes from deep within wild, remote bush country – tough, rugged, and a challenge just to get there. The taste is a little untamed too – rich, resinous, bittersweet – to complement your culinary explorations.

A Spoonful of Honey
There are so many ways to have Manuka honey – stirred into a soothing hot drink, drizzled on porridge or to give complexity to your special recipes.

What it says on the jar
We’ve cut out the middle man and only sell our very own honey direct to you from this very website. So you can be sure that you’re getting a premium quality, Manuka honey, at a fair price.
Why is it more expensive, compared with other honeys?
Manuka trees grow in very remote wild parts of New Zealand. This makes it a real challenge for their intrepid beekeepers to get to their hives. Each section of Manuka bush only produces nectar for 3-4 weeks each year, and depending on the weather during flowering, yields can be very low. It’s also rare to find honey with very high concentrations of Manuka honey, which is selected and independently tested to have an MGO rating of at least 300. The good stuff is so good, that demand is overtaking supply. And as honey lovers discover the benefits of high rated Manuka honey, they’re demanding top quality stuff, cottoning on to what’s worth their money, and getting better at spotting the fakes. In fact, if you see cheap Manuka honey on the shelf, it’s probably not the real deal.
The True Honey Co. 500+ MGO, 250g & 400g
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The True Honey Co. 500+ MGO, 250g & 400g

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